Game announcement: The Zen Garden

Dear all,

I’d like to belatedly announce the arrival of my game on this website.

It is a parser-driven Quest game and one which was carried here, unbeknownst to me, by the now retired bot. In fact, I discovered this site by googling my game and finding it here!

Although I might not have bothered to deliberately increase the exposure of the game myself, I was quite excited to see it here, and I thought I might finally announce it properly seeing as, despite being an automatically submitted game, I am happy that it is complete, bug-free, and fairly thorough in its implementation. I’d therefore quite like people to have a look at it.

It is in many ways an homage to the old-school text adventures of the 80s, and was published in the ‘Puzzles’ category of Quest in order not to disappoint those who prefer their IF to provide them with more reading material than head-scratching material.

The game is called ‘The Zen Garden’ and I should be very happy to hear what people think about it (or to provide hints upon request.)

I would recommend not reading the kind review and comments displayed on the Quest site if you want the maximum challenge - they contain quite a few spoilers!

Many thanks!

I will certainly play this one tonight!

Good luck, have fun, and thanks!