Game Announcement: Plan DSDS From Practice Space

Hi everybody,

maybe some of you might remember, we did a nice IF event this May in Munich, Germany. For that occasion, a little game was programmed (which actually takes place at the event, at least partially), which we now have finally released to the public. This is by no means a very good game, puzzlewise or technically, it is our first game ever, it has lots of completely stupid stuff in it, but we wanted to put it out more or less the way it is, in a documentary manner. The worst bugs have been eliminated, it’s very much playable, and people seem to actually enjoy playing it.

The game is written in English and we have set up a little page for it at

The game is playable online and can be downloaded along with a couple of feelies.

And now the crazy part: We have actually made 42 real packages of the game, containing a dvd with the game file and interpreters, photos, movies and audio files from the event and a couple of other nice goodies. More info at the website mentioned above.


Yeah! We’ve gotten our first rating! It got one star on IFDB! :wink:

And we sold about seven packages, that must be a lucky number!

I bought one! Nice package! :slight_smile: