FyreVM and Inform 6L38

Hey folks,

There is a 3rd party interested in using FyreVM with their gaming platform. I can’t talk too much about it, but they’re interested in potentially paying someone to upgrade the I7 FyreVM Support extension to 6L38.

I generally know who’s capable of doing the work and have privately asked a couple, but I thought I’d throw it out to the community.

Let me know if you’re capable and interested.

David C.

The extension in question, currently supporting 6G60, is here:


As it turns out, this was easy and pretty much anyone could have done it. Took me an hour.

It’s checked into the Github repo under a separate “Inform 7 6L38” branch.

github.com/ChicagoDave/FyreVM/t … 0Cornelson

David C.

So there was a large change in how text is handled and this left a sizable bug in FyreVM Support. Thanks to vaporware, this has been fixed and merged into the github release.

github.com/ChicagoDave/FyreVM/b … upport.i7x

Meanwhile, a channel IO fork of Quixe is in progress. This means FyreVM (or some semblance of it) in a browser. I have the basics of an AngularJS project ready to go and I plan to release a new game in it when it’s ready. Should be fun!


FyreVM without .NET? w00t!

I agree, but I plan much more than that. My goal is to make a sort of web based custom interpreter builder that’s easy for everyone to use. Pick your widgets and lay them out, style them, and viola, your game looks the way you want it.