Future-safe library messages

I’m working on an extension, and I’d like the messages that the extension gives to be treated as library messages in such a way that ANY library message extension can handle them (CLM by any author, Default Messages, etc). I thought the best way to do that would be to have them pretend to be actual library messages… but it seems that those messages are buried in the template layer. I notice comments in the templates indicating that the structure of library messages is going to change, as well, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to manage compatibility.

Is the best option to have several “For use with…” sections in my extension, or is there some kind of base-level message system I can make use of that won’t cause troubles?

Your extension can use the “issue library message…” phrases seen in Appendix A, which all the LM extensions will support. But you’ll still need (for use with…) sections.

While it may be true those issue… phrases will disappear in the future, they’ve been around since 5T18 or so, and with the selection of LM extensions available I don’t think replacing that is high on the dev team’s priority list, just because the need isn’t urgent.

(I’m speculating, of course.)

The “issue library message” phrase isn’t very useful if you can’t add messages for new actions. I’m also seeing in Appendix A that the “to decide if intervened” phrases are on the way out too. I guess I should just expect to rewrite for later versions.

Does anyone have a list of Library Messages extensions that are currenly in use? I seem to recall that David Fisher’s CLM is used for some foreign language versions still. In addition to your two, would you recommend supporting anything else?