Further body part question

This is a followup to my earlier question about handling different body parts for male and female characters. To recap: I wanted to bypass the parser’s usual treatment of possessives, so that “rub my (female body part)”, if the player were male, would produce the response, “you don’t have one of those,” instead of the parser deciding that the player must mean an actually existing body part, even if it belongs to someone else. The suggestion was that I create invisible female body parts for the male characters and vice versa, and then use disambiguation rules to make the parser select the correct ones, while blocking all direct access to the invisible body parts.

I’ve done that, and it’s all working beautifully–almost. The one exception is in actions with two nouns. If I type “tickle (female body part) with feather” the parser makes the right choice, but if I mistakenly type “tickle (female body part) with ffeather” it pops up with a disambiguation query that lets the player know about the invisible body parts.

Is there any way to avoid this? (I’ve tried reading Jon Ingold’s “Disambiguation Control” but it’s too complicated for me, frankly.)

Okay, never mind. I went back over the previous thread, used the specific code suggested by vyznev, and followed matt w’s suggestions about Disambiguation Control, which I included without worrying about understanding it–the upshot is that I now have an acceptable (if not quite perfect) disambiguation message. Thanks again to those who helped me in the previous thread.