Fungus vs Ink for audio interactive fiction in Unity

I’m working on a mobile game with an audio focus, sort of like an interactive audiodrama. Listen to a segment, click a button to make a choice - no text to read.

So far I’ve been working in Unity with Ink, but I’m wondering if it’s overkill for a project that doesn’t actually have text - I just need something to manage the story paths and decision making. Would something like Fungus work better? Or something else entirely? Or am I overthinking this, and Ink is still what I want to be using?

Possibly make the options voice-activated?

AXMA Story Maker has a start-up template called “interactive audiobook” but I’m not sure how it’s used. In all the modes, it’s very audio-friendly.
Twine surely also has a solution to play audio in passages. Both are designed to make choice-narratives with links very simple to create.
Both will output an HTML webpage that is the playable game. Twine is free with lots of community support, and ASM is about $20 to register to allow direct HTML export without using their website library. ASM is Russian-developed, but the documentation is mostly good, and I have managed to get some help by Google-translating the .ru IF website which has a forum for it.