Fumbled (Disallowing Action for One Turn)

I can’t find any example that will help make this work. I want to implement a “fumbled” condition for the player. If the player becomes fumbled, then his or her next command will be rejected with “You fumble and have to regain your composure,” while the turn count still moves forward. Any ideas?

I think you want to use an adjective for the person kind (fumbling/steady) and an instead of doing anything rule. Try this:

[code]The Kitchen is a room. There is a stove in the kitchen. On the stove is a saucepan.

A person is either fumbling or steady. A person is usually steady.

Instead of touching or taking the saucepan:
say “Ouch! That thing’s hot! Your hand feels like it’s on fire.”;
now the player is fumbling.

Instead of doing anything while fumbling:
say “You fumble and have to regain your composure.”;
now the player is steady.

Thank you!