Frotz (mac) Config File Help

So I’m new to using Frotz and have installed it in on my Mac in the path /usr/local/Cellar/frotz/2.44/bin/frotz. I can get it running by invoking frotz /usr/local/Cellar/frotz/2.44/LURKING.DAT but my issue is that when it comes to saving while playing a game the save file always goes to my home directory ~/.

Do I need to change this path in a config file?
Where does Frotz look for the config file and what name should it be?


Frotz doesn’t use a config file.

I believe that the filename prompt always refers to the current directory, unless you type a full pathname. So you could change directories before launching frotz (the “cd” shell command).

Yeh, figured out that was a decent work-around since shell starts from HomeFolder$. Thanks for the reply.