FrenchComp 2015

Hi all,

To all francophones/francophiles out there, the 8th edition of the French IF Comp has been announced a little while ago! Deadline for games is February 1st ; the voting period will be between February 1st and March 15th, with results announced soon after.
The only requirement is of language (else it wouldn’t be called French Comp!), but entries can be of any format; we announced a theme, which will be “spectacle”, but it’s just to get your creative juices started - don’t take it too seriously [emote]:)[/emote]

We were very pleased last year to have a few people from over here play our games and contribute reviews and votes – a big thank you, again, to them! – and we’re hoping you’ll be interested in this year’s edition too! We’ll post updates closer to the deadline to keep you informed - in the meantime, you can also go check out the threadon our forums.

EDIT: the deadline for games and for votes has been pushed back; post changed to reflect this

Don’t forget: the deadline for entries at the French Comp is January 1st, 2015, which will be followed by a six-week (Jan 1st to Feb 15th) voting period!

We will post again here on January 1st, with the list of games and the form for voting!
Good luck to all authors for the last month of coding!

The deadline is pushed to February 1st 2015 - let’s pretend it’s a Christmas gift, but really, it’s because everyone who intends to enter needs more time to finish/polish [emote]:)[/emote]

I missed the chance to vote last year. But I still played the games, eventually

I only have marginal French knowledge, but I was able to understand the games pretty clearly & think they would all have been upper-half IFComp games, or close to it. Which says more about you guys than IFComp. So I think any time required to polish the games will be worth it!

Thank you for the compliments! I’ll pass that on [emote]:)[/emote]

And… it is on !!

The Comp is officially open for judging! All the games can be played/downloaded here ; we have walkthroughs/help for most of them! Feel free to post on this thread if you need any help - or even better, come hang out on our forum ! [emote]:D[/emote]

Thanks for your interest!

can’t wait for EsperantoComp

Awesome that there are walkthroughs! I want to get through 2015’s–and I want to go back and look at 2014. I enjoyed what I understood, but I ran out of gas.

Thanks to Jason Dyer for providing the translations of the introductory texts! [emote]:D[/emote] … anslation/

Word on the street is that ClubFloyd will play the FrenchComp games this Sunday! [emote]:D[/emote]

Thanks everyone for your interest and your support, this is awesome!

So, just to check, is the judging deadline February 14, or is it pushed back? ParserComp testing is conflicting with my ability to play these, but I want to.

Also, awesome about ClubFloyd.

Sorry! It’s March 15th now, since we pushed the deadline for games by a month. I’ll edit the original post right away [emote]:)[/emote]

In a couple of hours, ClubFloyd will play some of the FrenchComp games! Feel free to drop by, it’s a good way to check out the games with French-speaking IFers around [emote]:wink:[/emote]

And we’ll also be organizing a Twitch session in French on the 28th at 9pm French time (err… 2pm Chicago time? and a little bit earlier or later for other time zones [emote]:P[/emote] ), for French newcomers to IF to check out the games - but feel free to drop by! [emote]:D[/emote] It’ll be at this address.

A gentle reminder that you now have less than a week to play the 2015 French Comp games ! We have walkthroughs, and you can ask for hints here if you need some!

Note that you don’t even have to have played/finished all the games to vote - just select “Ne se prononce pas” (No opinion given) and it won’t change any of the results [emote]:D[/emote]

Vote here

The 2015 French Comp is officially over! And what a close race that was!

The winner is… L’Envol, by Yoruk, with 7.12/10!

Followed by Sourire de Bois, by Natrium (7/10), and Comédie by Monsieur Bouc (6.75/10) !

Congratulations to all 3 authors, and thanks to everyone who voted! I believe a third of our voters were from the English-speaking community this year - thanks to all of you, we really appreciate it! Thanks to you, we got more votes than any other year too! [emote]:)[/emote]

See you next year!