French IF Comp 2013 is underway

Hi everyone,

The French Comp 2013 is on!

This year we have 4 entrants, which you can find on the IFDB page of the Comp. All entries are in French, so those of you who can understand or read French are welcome to play the games and send your votes! For each game you play, we ask you to give 3 different marks, out of 10, according to the following categories: Overall Enjoyment, Writing (spelling, quality of the prose, etc.), and Technical Aspect (is it bug-free, does it implement a neat interface or something, etc.). The deadline for casting your votes is Sunday, Feb 2nd; send them at ifictionfr at gmail point com.

[EDIT: the deadline for votes has been extended to Feb 15th! And you can also use this online form to vote: ]

And of course, do not hesitate to join us on our forum to say hi [emote]:)[/emote]

French and German community announcements at once. This is shaping out to be a great year!

I notice that all 4 competitors are anonymous. Odd?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s part of the rules.

Oh. That would explain it.

(After English and ASL, French is my best language… but that’s still “best” as in “I studied it for 2.5 years, 18 years ago.”)

I have you beat there for years ago. Though I’m not saying by how much. The only thing I’ve done re: French since then is reading French versions of Tintin and Le Petit Nicolas with online translation tools handy. Reading Petit Nicolas in French/English is a great way to learn/relearn French, because it is funny.

I still want to read Asterix in the original French.

But in the meantime, I hope to leave notes on all 4 games. I may even try to write it in French. I mean, I’ll have the English version by in case of disaster. Unfortunately if a game tries to do clever things with language, it may go over my head. But I definitely want to help out, since I can!

I doubt I’ll be able to play them far enough to leave notes on them, but I’ll try to play them anyway (with Google Translate close to hand, of course!)

Is there a “How to play” card somewhere for typical French IF syntax (a la

Never mind, I just found it (thanks to emshort!)

I have French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian linked from .

And those cards are BRILLIANT, Zarf. [emote]:)[/emote] I don’t know if you MEANT them to also be an aide to playing IF not in your native tongue, but it is. A huge aid.

Oooh boy you’re in for a treat. [emote]:)[/emote] It’s funny in any language, but it’s in French that you realise why it became what it did.

Thanks to you all for your help and enthusiasm, it’s greatly appreciated [emote]:)[/emote]

Where/how can we ask for help on the games? I think I’m close to finished with a game but there may be a language barrier that is making me miss something obvious.

I registered on, but a post hasn’t shown up…are first posts moderated?

It’s been interesting to see Inform’s default verbs and responses in French so far.

Yes, you can go to for help / discussing games (we love new members !). And indeed, first posts are moderated on the forum (sorry for the inconvience, lots of Evil Spamming Russian Robots for some reason !). Moderators are usually quick though. If you don’t want to wait or just want to post once, try posting in “La taverne des aventuriers” (the unmoderated part of the forum)

Yes, they are. I’ve just approved your post, so it should work now.

You can also vote for the 4 games through this form:

Bonjour à tous – I don’t poke my head up too often on the forum, but I will pipe up now. I caught mention of the minicomp on Emily Short’s blog and downloaded the games to play on the plane during last week’s business trip. I enjoyed all of them, although I didn’t get to the end of Noir d’encre. I’ve posted reviews of all of them on my blog Hope to see some more reviews of the games in the next couple weeks, and also looking forward to see how they are ranked.

Yeah, the reviews are in English. Call me a scaredy cat, but if I tried to write them in French, not only would I have been more limited in what I could say, but it would have taken me so long that I might not have finished the posting. At least this way, I got my thoughts down. Thanks, minicomp organizers and authors! - Jack

I’ve been trying to learn by reading Jules Verne ebooks in French. [emote]:)[/emote]

so far, very slow progress. It’s another latin descendant, but seems like a more distant cousin from italian or spanish…

hey, Peter, where’s the Portuguese IFComp? [emote]:lol:[/emote]

Well, where are the Portuguese authors?.. Do we have enough people in numbers and interest to make Portuguese games for ourselves? Do enough people in Portugal even KNOW anything about IF?.. I honestly think we’ve simply missed the IF boat.

If there was to be a Portuguese IF scene, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was based out of Brasil.

we could write to each other, Pete [emote]:lol:[/emote]

I’m sorry Unwashed, but brazilian are far less literate than portuguese.

You know, I can moderately read Spanish and even Italian, but playing IF in these languages is quite impossible as I’m not quite so good in writing. It’s such a small community and we’re stuck to English, which is Latin’s IF, after all.