French Comp 2022

Hello ! This is your annual post about the French interactive fiction competition, which doubles up as a yearly status update for most of you :smiley:

For our 15th edition, we have an amazing 10 entries (our record!), showing the strength of the French IF scene right now! And also, its diversity: in terms of engines, we have Twine, Ink, Inform 6, Dialog, custom engines, but also our homegrown stars Moiki (more intuitive than Twine!) and Donjon (more advanced natural French language than Inform 7!) !

Here is the page of the comp on

We always welcome francophiles to play the games to the best of their abilities :slight_smile: Our voting form has an explanation in English too! You can vote on as few games or criteria as you want: choose “Ne se prononce pas” (“no answer”) on the voting form. The voting form is here.

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


This past year, I got a friend of mine from France into IF for the first time as he’d never even heard of it. Definitely gonna pass on the link to the comp for him to enjoy! Thank you and merci! :fr:


Awesome! Thanks for growing our player base! :smiley:

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The results are in! (Since a few day already, but it take a bit of time to announce them everywhere.)

First of all, thanks to @mathbrush for his constructive reviews on IFDB, and thanks to @dhakajack for his reviews on his blog. Go read them if you haven’t looked at the entries yet and want to get an idea!

So now, the winners.

Winner in the “Best use of theme” category:

  • La Princesse spéculaire by Nathanaël Marion.

In the “Best writing” category:

  • 1st place: Les Androïdes by Atozi;
  • 2nd place: Entre le vin et le dessert [Démo] by Tristan Bruneau;
  • 3rd place : La Princesse spéculaire by Nathanaël Marion.

In the “Best technical” category:

  • 1st place: Così fan tutte (prologue) by Julien Zamor;
  • 2nd place: Entre le vin et le dessert [Démo] by Tristan Bruneau;
  • 3rd place: La Princesse spéculaire by Nathanaël Marion.

And finally, the category determining the overall placement!

In the “Best Game” category:

  • 1st place: Entre le vin et le dessert [Démo] by Tristan Bruneau;
  • 2nd place: Retrospection by Hel @HelFarewell, Mylène Caillon and Cobb;
  • 3rd place: Les Androïdes by Atozi.

But all the entries were of excellent quality, so don’t limit yourself to the winners!

The full results are available on IFDB, and a link to a spreadsheet with the details of the votes is available on (in French).

Congratulations to all the entrants, and thanks to all the judges, streamers and everyone else who contributed to the comp’s success!

See you next year!