French Comp 2018

Hi all, and happy New Year!

I’d like to announce that the French IF Comp 2018 is open for judging!

We have 5 games this year, very different from each other, from standard glulx to hyperlinked Vorple or Unity-based multiple choice (and more!), fantasy, SF, horror, fairy tales, short games, longer games, research stations, haunted houses, dragons – we’ve got them all! Vote before Feb 25th (8pm CET) to determine the winner!

We made sure all the games have walkthroughs, which will help you when your French starts to fail you; but I do encourage you to check them out even if you don’t speak that much French, because there’s some really nice-looking games and some novel interfaces! Don’t hesitate to ask for help on this thread, or at @ifictionfr on Twitter.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The official results are in!

This year, the same game won in all categories: [i]Hansel et Gretel : La Revanche[/i], by Corax, a remarkable Vorple-based hyperlink game which alternates exploration phases and turn-based RPG gunfights!

We had a couple of votes in English this year, a big thanks to those who voted! (One of them is mathbrush, who also put up reviews in English of each game on the IFDB - thank you!). We also broke our record of overall votes for the third time in a row, which along with the quality of the games is very positive for our small community!

See you next year!

Just swinging by to link to dhakajack’s writeup/postmortem (including a good description of the current French-speaking IF scene), which might be of interest to some of you!