freeze on "their angelical understanding"

I was playing “Their Angelical Understanding” and it often seemed recalcitrant at responding to mouse clicks, but I have finally reached a page where clicking the link does nothing whatsoever:

“Your nemesis.”

I’ve seen a couple other people allude to similar issues. Anyone know what the underlying issue is? I’m using Firefox 28.0 under OS X 10.7.5. My mouse isn’t being balky anywhere else.

as far as I can tell, this is the ending

and a powerful one

The freeze happens if you’re playing offline. The game was distributed as a download during IFComp, but I believe that was a mistake - it only works properly if you play the online version. The offline version can’t find the assets it needs to run.

I was playing online, though, through

I was playing online too, through Chrome on Android

The ending made sense to me, freeze or not.