Fourth ending to Terminator Chaser

Has anyone gotten the fourth ending to Terminator Chaser? The in-game hints don’t cover it. I have a vague idea of something to do but I can’t figure out how to actually perform the actions needed. Which makes me think I’m on the wrong track…

Also, is there a way to run out of time? I got to “One hour left” but it won’t let me WAIT (or SLEEP) and moving around and doing various things doesn’t seem to advance the clock anymore.

There’s a bug in the comp release version that makes that ending unreachable. Embarrassing, I know; it’s one line of code, and there’s a fix just waiting for that to be up, but as per competition rules and out of respect to the other participants (Some of which released games with much more significant bugs, after all) I’m not releasing that version until the competition is over. When that happens, on the post-comp release you’ll be able to

Push the test load to Mass Driver Loading Dock. Go back to Mass Driver Control. Examine the controls. Press the “load” button. Press the “aim” button. Press the “fire” button.

Ah, that’s mostly what I figured. But I thought maybe you had to load the fusion reactor into the dock, since it was oblong, like the rectangular indentations of the ingots.Thanks for the game, I enjoyed it!

As for your other question,

No, it’s not possible to run out of time. I considered having something jokey and ridiculous happen around turn 1000 of the game, but ran out of time to implement that, ironically enough.