Fourdiopolis post-mortem

Here. If you’re on planetIF you may’ve seen it, but I’ll list the big points here.

The main thing is–this was a lot better for me than last year, where I had a penny-ante game I just wanted to get out of the way and just had a few programming tricks to try. Being in the event spurred me to make changes I could have made earlier but didn’t. I like the whole low-pressure feel.

The out-take?

  1. I’m much more effective when I do a few small things every week, even if I know they aren’t the big thing I could be working on.
  2. Lots of tricky stuff from 3dop that scared me should not have. I could’ve cut/pasted a lot of code.
  3. if I’d change one thing about 3dop, I might break the puzzles up, somehow. It was nice to have smaller task lists.
  4. 4dop worked well enough to give me straggling ideas for 3dop. And my code was much neater.
  5. I’m glad it’s there and over with-though I took too long to get started, I made a lot of changes during the comp to help make sure that I’m able to move onto the next project. I dragged my feet a lot more on my last year’s entry, Dirk, and that had a lot less creativity to tackle.
  6. Once I was in the back garden, the pressure was off and that helped me relax when looking for new ideas or even bugs. And there was one. A female was labeled “he” for several weeks until I noticed. Cut and pasting…oops.