Forum errors (500 and others)

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Is anybody else getting "500 error" when they try to post? I started getting them last night/this morning

If I just click "post" again it works on the second try, looks like, so it's no big deal, but figured I'd flag in case this is widespread!


yeah i did when i was respawnding to amanda!

i had to refresh the window and repaste in my reply and then it worked lol


Huh, OK, not just me! I'll tag in @HanonO then as the long-suffering-mod-who-actually-monitors-chat


me too, plus a weird Emoji-related error when posting in chat


So yeah. I think there sometimes is natural web-traffic/weather that will cause some slowness and error responses. It's intermittent, and I believe on the back end with the server.

Not sure if this is consistent for everyone, but I have noticed the best way to cause errors is to have the forum open in multiple windows. I believe the forum software is updating your thread-position/read message pointers and if you have two windows open in different places doing that at the same time it's like they're fighting to update the server of your last read - especially chat that updates much more frequently live. That's just amateur hypothesis. I tend to leave the forum open in a tab constantly, so sometimes it's good to close and refresh your window, or log in and out again just to clear the table, so to speak.

Let me know if you get a consistently reproducible error that we can try to track down.

Remember you can send a PM to @moderators which includes me, but also anyone else who might be able to react more quickly if I'm working or away.

I don't run the entire place; I just probably have the least compelling social life IRL which is why you see me the most. :sob:

If the forum is totally down, please email

Apparently a 500 error is basically "sorry, your call did not go through, please try again."

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 500 Internal Server Error server error response code indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

I believe this same situation is causing this error potentially inside of chat:

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No I can't see that, only your screenshot of it


Looks like a specimen of Buggus Softwaricus.


oops I just got the same bug Max did

Let me try with the same post

ok it worked this time.

Got the same thing myself, I just had to copy and repaste the message in chat again and it worked the second time.

Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 3.10.57 PM


Has the whole system been restarted recently? I was looking at the Discourse code and that’s a real strange error to be getting.


Hmm. Now I’m getting very late notifications.


All the notifications that didn’t show up before are finally arriving.


Did someone reboot redis? or whatever this site uses for message queueing?


Yeah I think @Dannii just restarted the whole system after some updates. Forum was off for a bit.


I was trying really hard to post this earlier, but I couldn’t get it to stick and now it’s tragically late:



I’m getting the 500 error a lot, and I’m not getting notifications.

And when I do get notifications, it takes me to the wrong place in the thread. I was pretty sure I was screwing something up because that’s always the safe bet, so this thread has cheered me up.


There’s a particular way you have to click on notifications, and apparently you’re not doing it right.


Whew. I thought the world had gone mad for a moment, but all is apparently normal. I’m like a computer Pigpen. A cloud of technical chaos follows me.


I’m not seeing anything in the error logs. Discourse is a fairly complex web app, so after a forum update it’s possible that a Ctrl+F5 might help, if your browser is caching an old version of the JS?

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Huh. A bunch of notifications from yesterday are popping up now.