Formating for ebook/printing

Hi, I am looking for a software to help me write non linear stories, but I am mostly interested into printed/ebook format, not really interactive web.
It seems twine has a good visual interface to build the story, but can I export/format the finished story into a linear format compatible with docx ?
I am especially after exporting every paragraphs in a randomise fashion so the story is not too obvious to follow by jumping chapters.

Can I do that with twine ? or there are better options for book format ?

Some story formats can do that. A Catalog of Twine Story Formats – m. c. de marco

From a cursory glance over the catalogue linked above, WritingFantasy might be for you, but I have not personally used it.

I suggest you review a tool named Gordian Book, created & used by @Hituro, which can be used to create a PDF/Print CYOA book from a Twine/Twee based project.

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I recommend Crumbly Heads Gamebook Authoring Tool (GBAT). It exports fine to Calibre and then to Kindle as needed. Link is here: If you want to see it in action, check out one of my games here:

Thanks for the link to your Gordian Book. Good to know this is an option.

I think…if you’re just wanting to publish an e-book with hyperlinks you can do that in many book builders… I think iBooks on Mac does this. I did a rather extensive book formatting project with someone and did the layout in OSX Pages, when then had to be exported to PDF-X for the print-on-demand publisher, but there are also do-it-yourself book designing software solutions online.

If you want to print, you’d then edit your e-book hyperlinks to include a page number after you evaluate how it will print and map it out.

This article also talks about using Twine:

Thanks, I am gonna have a look at that.

Even if you use something else to actually typeset the book, Twine can still be a great tool for the design of the CYOA. Ryan North used Twine to design his book To Be Or Not To Be.


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Twine can be easily used for an hyperlinked, wiki-like, non-linear story, with a little caution in linking passage: reciprocal back link can became a loop between the two passages, leading straight to a huge wastage of hardware paper and ink/toner…

The real problem is finding a valid htm-to-docx tool (but I warmly recommend the .odt format)…

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