Fork: The Great Underground Dining Room

This was written in Inform 6.31. Some of the humor is a bit specialized; if you enjoy (or remember enjoying) old video games – of the graphical kind, that is – you’ll glean the pertinent references. If not, it’s hopefully an entertaining adventure anyway, albeit in the “classic” style. I wanted my first game to have some older types of puzzles I’ve always loved, with twists whenever possible, rather than anything too difficult. The story’s satirical nature lends itself to non-modernity anyway. :slight_smile:

If you give it a go, I thank you – and, of course, many re-thanks to everyone who’s helped me out in these forums. I hope you like it!

The link will download a small zipped folder, with the .z5 file itself, plus the interpreter WinFrotz. I’m sure everyone has his favorite interpreter, so disregard that if you wish, obviously.

I suppose this would be dubbed the “Beta” version, right? … 0/

Thanks again for trying it out!

For those who’ve expressed disinterest in clicking on the GeoCities link, the game is now available from the Archive:

Thanks again to anyone who tries it out.

I felt I should publicly thank those who’ve sent me kind e-mails about the game. (And thanks to Kivie for trying it out at some point in the near future…no pressure!) :slight_smile:
Also, while compliments are nice, criticism’s more useful. So don’t hold back with that. I’m not the sensitive type!
Thanks again.