for use with Version X of Extension Y

I just updated my version of Conditional Backdrops to Version 3, providing a “moving floating objects” activity. This allows my Scope Caching extension to re-cache scope “after moving floating objects.” I thought I should include this conditionally with a section heading like this:

Section - Interactions with Conditional Backdrops (for use with Version 3 of Conditional Backdrops)

Unfortunately, that does not get included ever. I had to take out the “Version 3” specification to get it to be included. While this is unlikely to ever be a problem for anyone, it’s possible that one day Scope Caching could get uploaded to the i7 site, and someone could download it having already installed Version 2 of Conditional Backdrops, which does not have the “moving floating objects” activity. If they used these two extensions together, they’d get a compiler error.

Is the ability to specify extension version in “for use with” directives in the works for future versions of I7?