Font size problem in Texture

I have looked at three Texture entries in the current IF Comp, (+=x, And You May Find Yourself, Tohu Wa Bohu), and I see the same issue in all three.

The text inside the buttons appears really tiny, like a 2-point font. On my 1080p monitor, it’s almost illegible.

I’m using Firefox 63, and I don’t know of any weird settings that would cause this. (And I can’t think of any other weird font size behavior in my normal browsing.)

Here’s a sample:


I did not experience that using the Chrome browser.

Weird that it affects a standard browser though. Is there a bug-tracker page for Texture?

I vaguely recall @CMG explaining that it’s impossible to have blank verb choice blocks in Texture and that he had to employ trickery and use placeholder text and make it very small, and then overlay them somehow with HTML or CSS? Perhaps the glitch isn’t that the text is small, but you’re not seeing the overlay?

(Sorry, didn’t mean to necro this thread, but it popped up somehow as new for me.)

I did have to chop around inside Texture to make a few little tricks work, but nothing I did should’ve made the text appear tiny like that. It didn’t just happen with my game either. I tried to look into what was causing it during the last IFComp and could never figure it out.

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Sorry if I remember this incorrectly. I know you did a lot of additional work on the Texture styling.

It’s a tricky bug that’s related to calculating the size of the font inside the choices (long texts are scaled down until they fit inside the box) and hard to replicate. I’m working on the next version right now, I’ll try to see if I can find the cause and fix it.

Ah, cool! Kind of like how the main page-text scales instead of putting up a scroll bar or a [more].