Following links in message threads

In most discussion forum software, when you follow a link within a message, the link will open in a new tab within your browser and not leave the message / thread that you linked from.

This form software leaves the form and goes to the link. If you don’t drill down too far at the new link you can just select the back button and return to the this forum and thread.

Just a suggestion. Consider changing the forum software (if possible) to open the followed link in a new tab or window rather than leaving the forum altogether.

Thank you for the consideration.



I’m not sure if we can change the default (Hanon would know better than me), but individual users can configure this in their Preferences! Go to the Interface tab, then look for this checkbox under Other:


Also, I believe it’s a default in most browsers (at least IE and Chrome) that holding the Control key on Windows or the Command button on Mac while clicking a link will open a new tab regardless of the link or the site settings.

I literally just learned this last week. I unchecked that box in my profile here and tried it in Chrome, and it does work.

The check box to open links in a new window is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the help, I didn’t know that option was available.

Much appreciated, Jeff

PS. Finding the little sprocket icon in the upper right corner of the pull down was hard for my old eyes to see.