Followers for a certain limit

Hi all,

I am just getting in to writing IF. I have a game planned out and have the main map already written and objects. I am now fleshing out the story line and I’ve come up against something that I have no idea how to do (I am new at inform).

What I want is from the beginning of the game to have someone follow me where ever I go until I reach a ertain room.

So, basically it would be something like

John is a follower. If current location is The Garage the John is not a follower.

i.e. he will then stay in the garage when I reach it.

Anyone have any hints on how to do this?

There are some extensions which implement following actions, but in this case a single rule should suffice.

[Setting up...]
Alpha is a room. Beta is east of Alpha. Gamma is north of Beta. Delta is east of Gamma.
John is a man in Alpha. John can be following. John is following.

[And now for the following stuff...]
Every turn when John is following and John is not in the location:
    say "John follows you.";
    move John to the location;
    if John is in Gamma, now John is not following. [This turns off the following when you get to a certain place.]

Thanks, that was spot on. just coded and tested. I really appreciate it.