Flowchart for choosing how to code something?

I was looking at this neat flowchart yesterday and I was wondering if anyone has something like this for I7. I remember Emily Short making a chart of rules and there’ve been posts about when to use what, but does anyone have a diagram similar to that flowchart?

You mean a flowchart to decide whether to use an instead, before, check, report, etc rulebook for a particular bit of code?

The manual chapter 12.21 has some guidelines on this, although they’re not laid out in a flowcharty way. They could be. However, as that page notes, they’re not rigorous.

You can get away with some things depending on what you know is in your game. For example, for some “first time” constructs it matters whether an action succeeds or fails. If you’re using those, you have to remember which rulebook outcomes make an action fail. But if you’re not, that concern evaporates, and those techniques become interchangeable.