fizmo 0.7.8 released

fizmo 0.7.8 is now available from … 7.8.tar.gz and brings the following improvements:

  • Entire re-implementation of screen refresh and scrolling for the ncursesw/libcellif interface. Many thanks to Lewis gentry for bug-reporting and extensive beta-testing.
  • Fixed missing lowering of input case for versions ≥ 5, thanks to irb.
  • Fixed “encode_text” and tokenizing for cases in which the “unrecognized”-flag is set. This fixes a bug with the “name” spell in Beyond Zork, thanks to irb.
  • Fixed wrapping of long lines without spaces as in ASCII art. Thanks to David Batchelder for pointing out the problem.
  • Adapted to automake v1.14 and fixed compiler warning.
  • Relocated “AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR” invocation, fixing the missing-file warning during configure.
  • Fixed incorrect backspace or delete behaviour which could cause in crash in case of small screen sizes combined with the use of preloaded input.
  • Several small fixes for ncursesw input.
  • Fixed wrong status line display style after restore in version ≤ 3 games.
  • When breaking long lines, multiple spaces are now skipped at the linebreak point to avoid superfluous spaces at the start of the next line. Thanks to Lewis Gentry.
  • Fixed UTF-8 for input from file. Thanks to Mikko Torvinen for reporting the bug.
  • After a restore, the current screensize is now written into the header. This should correct upper windows display problems after loading of savegames.

I’ve added it to the interactive-fiction Gentoo overlay.

Many thanks.

great, it compiles like a charm.

I’ve also tried the 0.8 beta to see the SDL version in action, but it does only compile the ncurse version (and call it 0.7.8 btw).


I’ve merged the latest 0.7.8-release and 0.8-branch into a 0.8-beta4 at … -b4.tar.gz. If you run configure using the “–enable-fizmo-sdl” option this should build the “fizmo-sdl” binary.

thank you, it worked. At first I got segfault when running fizmo-sdl, but it was apparently because I was typing the command from within the source folder.

It looks promising.