Fixed in place when not empty

I can’t quite get the verbiage right for this:

The couch is a portable supporter in Living Room.
While the couch is not empty:
	the couch is fixed in place.

I’m sure it’s a simple fix…TIA!!

There’s actually no verbiage that will keep two such basic properties in sync like that. What you want is a check rule:

The lab is a room.

The couch is a supporter in the lab. The couch is not fixed in place.

The heavy box is in the lab.

Check taking the couch when the couch supports something:
	say "The couch is too heavy with that box on it." instead;

You’d also have to cover rules for whatever taking/moving scenarios you have in mind.


Excellent, thank you!

Or have an every turn rule that switches the property according to whether the couch is empty or not, so long as the short within-a-turn delay between something appearing on the couch and the every turn rulebook running won’t cause issues.

EDIT- this is the approach taken by Inform to ensure that carried items are not undescribed- they are made described in a rule that runs towards the end of every turn

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