"First Times" – a horror text adventure for iOS and Android

The horror text adventure First Times, by Hero Robb, is now available as a free app.

[i]You awaken in a morgue with no memory of how you arrived. Journey deeper into your fears, regrets, and doubts as you explore the ruins of what appears to be a hospital. Can you survive a psychological trip through a nightmarish dreamscape? But then again, dying is a far cry from the most frightening thing that you will face.

There are four endings. These are your first times. Open your eyes…[/i]

Here’s what some players have said so far…

First Times is a fantastic deviation from the classic Text Adventure genre. It utilizes both sound and game timers to give the player the most horrific experience possible. The game play and in-game descriptions are both shocking and intense. It’s amazing what Hero Robb accomplishes in his Text Adventure debut. Fans of classic gaming, horror, or anyone looking to experience something strange and different should definitely play First Times. I truly can’t wait to see what Hero Robb comes out with next. I don’t care what it is, I’m playing it.” – Cody Robinson

You do horrible things, because if you don’t, you can’t progress, which makes the inevitable terribleness feel more like your fault. The use of sound is perfect, and specifically the ‘ritual room’ is one of the most harrowing places I’ve ever managed to be. Further, the green eyed doll, despite being rendered purely in text (or possibly even because of it, and having to use my imagination) is the single most disturbing and unnerving thing I’ve ever had to deal with in a game.” – Krissy

THE CHILD DOLL OH GOD, THE CHILD DOLL. Executing something like that in text form doesn’t seem easy but you make it scary as hell. The foreshadowing in the red book was awesome as well. Holy shit. And the game is really Silent Hill-esque, especially with the rust, disturbing imagery and the particular type of puzzle solving.” – Vincent

This game truly scared the hell outta me” – John Hernandez

If you dare, download the app now - it’s free, and you might just survive.

Unfortunately, the app was soon reviewed by people who, apparently, don’t really know much about IF. Ah well, I suppose it’s the dangers of the trade.

Yes, it’s interesting to see that, as this is the first app I’ve released that doesn’t use hyperlinks - the game uses only the traditional parser. It nicely makes my point that hyperlinks are the way to make this kind of game more intuitive for people who haven’t come across interactive fiction before.

That said, I don’t see it as a failing for this game. I think it’s entirely to be expected that a lot of people won’t “get it”.

Very good game, well done Hero Robb!
Also, thanks to Alex, who, by creating the Quest system, indirectly made that really scary game possible :slight_smile:
I posted a review on ifdb, if anyone is interested.

It’s a pretty cool game. I’m a little stuck in it fairly early, but not ready to ask for a hint quite yet.


This looks interesting, but it doesn’t play very well on my Galaxy. The problem is that I have to click on the little text entry box to get the virtual keyboard to appear, and the the output from the game appears ‘behind’ the virtual keyboard, so you have to keep scrolling the text into view. I liked the initial gong sounds, but I notice that every time there’s a sound, some text appears, and that makes the virtual keyboard hide itself, which adds to the problem.

Is that the way it’s supposed to work, or is it some oddity of my device?

Best wishes

Still stuck in the first room (I love puzzle games, but I’m generally pretty slow at solving them)- and already very creeped out! Loving the game so far :slight_smile:

Have you tried to use the device in the portrait position? perhaps more screen lines displayed could alleviate the problem…On my xperia, the virtual keyboard autohides just after every input line, but not after the gong messages, so maybe it’s your device; luckily, the gong will stop by the time you open the door.
As last resort, you could play it offline on a pc

Thanks for the reply. I’m quite interested in doing this stuff on my mobile device, because I get time on train journeys, etc, where I can’t use a real computer. The game itself is interesting, but (to me, at least), the auto-hiding behaviour of the virtual keyboard makes it a bit of a nuisance. The odd thing is that, even when I attach a real keyboard to my handset, I still have to poke the screen to get input focus back into the entry text box, and that raises the virtual keyboard, which I don’t need with a real one plugged in.

I don’t think this is an issue with the game itself – I think the problem is the way the Quest runtime works on Android.

if you’re really stuck, here are a few hints for the first room only

  1. there is a scalpel somewhere on the floor;

  2. examine the doll on the table, then use the object of the previous hint on it; you’ll find an egg;

  3. examine the cabinets, be sure to examine the different one;

  4. use the object of hint 2 on the “special” object of the previous hint.

the gong is gone and the is door unlocked, so you can go and explore :slight_smile:
good luck!

may be, same need-to-touch-the-entry-box issue here, on a sony xperia tipo. can’t test with an external keyboard, tough, 'cause I don’t own one