First and Third person narrative voices in Inform6

First and third person narrative voices is a new feature of the Inform6 Library, originally introduced sometime in 2006. It was on hold until I got my hands on the old CVS repository and applied the changes to my repo. The basic idea is this: Most Interactive Fiction uses the second-person narrative voice. It looks like this:

You can see a box (which is closed and empty), a key, a hat, a table (on which is a button) and Kitty here.

The player is always referred to as “you” or “yourself”. That’s great, but suppose you want to talk about “I can see…”, “George can see…”, or “The detective can see…”. That is now possible. When using the first-person narrative voice, things are described in terms of “I take the book” or “I can see a table”. With the third-person narrative voice, things get really interesting. With that, you can name the player and talk about things as if the player is observing the action rather than participating in it.

I’ve written a preliminary guide on using these new modes and uploaded it to the repo. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. … voices.txt