First 2022 TALP experience:

Almost falling off my chair laughing.

Out of curiosity, I just read the intro of Kenneth Pedersen’s TALP-game Grandma’s Flying Saucer. If I’d had just taken a sip of some beverage, I might well have ruined my keyboard by nosesquirting it to shortcircuited shreds.

@Denk , thanks for adding a bellylaugh to an already good day.


Link for the curious but lazy: Grandma's Flying Saucer - TALP by kenped
Do check it out!


I’ve played Lonely Troll-TALP a little. Just a tip to all authors: if you put ASCII art in your game and it’s not something dynamically generated, paste it as image, not plain text. Screen reader users will thank you :+1: By the way, ASCII is cool! It reminded me of my own. Hope to get back to this game later and to find Fairest’s sequel in it :woman_fairy:

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I truly meant to include a screen reader mode on The Lonely Troll and just ran out of time. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience to screen reader users. I have ASCII in my Parser Comp entry, too, and that game will absolutely have a screen reader mode. And I’ll add the screen reader mode for Troll when I can get to it. My apologies, @johnbrown .

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It’s okay, I just like to play parser games in read aloud mode. My oddity :dizzy:


…and a very nice one it is.

I must give this a go some time.

Is that … a UFO trying to beam up a house? Or Mama Robot, Papa Robot, and Baby Robot flying a wee lil’ roboty kite?

ASCII is cool indeed.

Yep, you almost guessed! From left to right: some electric stuff under the lamp, shelf, automatic doors. We play as a robot who have to save the spaceship’s crew.