Fingers crossed no Radiation

Going back to the hospital and venturing with my new tablet.
Looking at different options to treat this beast that’s festering
within my body. Fingers crossed no radiation treatment.
Figured, why not give inform a try, I’ve put it off for far enough
and why not. This heat is brutal, plus thirty degree’s celceis, and
it looks like it coming to an end in a day or so. I’ve got a busy
few days of coding like a mad man. Everything, is coming out
perfectly. Just noticed my space bar is worn out on one side,
such an odd feeling to be frank. Got my iced water and my
shades on. Have a wonderful day everyone. Will be posting
again soon.

Good luck, Frank. I hope you find some good options.

Thank you, I’m honestly going to take anything instead. I watched my
Grand Father die from that treatment. Seeing him in the last week of
his life was a horrific sight. But the power of positive thinking is on my
side. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful circle of people.
I’m honored to have such wonderful friends here.

Sending good thoughts!