Finding Martin help needed

I don’t know how I completely missed this game back when it first came out, but I’m loving it now.

All the reviews said it was tough, and I’m realizing just how serious they were. They also say the author had a walkthrough on her website, but that site doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I found a page with some rough notes, but they don’t cover any of the puzzles that have me flummoxed.

Anyone out there have a copy of the walkthrough? Or willing to offer some hints?

for example:

I need matching socks to open the dryer, and I sense there’s a match for the long black sock behind the bookshelf, but I can’t seem to get it. I have the ferret, but he’s not helping.

Here’s a nifty site I found:
Tons of clues for Finding Martin! I would just search for “sock” and see what comes up.

Yeah, that’s the one I’ve found and consulted. Sadly, it seems that whoever was putting together those notes must have stopped playing the game just about where I find myself stuck.

Thanks, though.

Hm. Are you desperate enough to use TXD to spit out the game text? That could maybe reverse engineer a solution. I remember this being on a list of hard games for me to look at some day.

Finding Martin is in TADS 2, but IIRC the Scads decompiler worked okay for extracting text from TADS games.

I’m almost ready to do that. I’m afraid it might reveal too much about the game all at once, since I’ve never done it before. Not sure how I’d look through the code just for the parts I want.

But it’s starting to look like that’s the only way to get through it.

Don’t despair yet! Here’s a copy of the website on the Internet Archive.

Woo! Awesome to see the website. Though the story cuts off after chapter 6, so it may leave us no further along.

Also, Nathan, I didn’t know about SCADS. It’s good to have these tools, whether or not I ever actually use them.

I realize that this is an old thread, but if anyone else is looking for the walk-through it can be found at Also you can post specific questions to this thread and I will try to help in a way that is less spoilerly than a walk-though. It’s been more than 10 years since I wrote “Finding Martin” and I know I made some mistakes when I did it, but I had a blast creating it and I’m glad that players can still enjoy it.

Hey, I didn’t see this earlier. I was the one who played through it and wrote the ifdb review. I was wondering, is there a list of the in-game hint systems? (I can think of a few:

the televisions, the fan memories, the spider web.

Are there any others?

Here is some info regarding internal hints in “Finding Martin.” Many hints and clues are not really part of formal hint systems, so this isn’t an exhaustive list.

[spoiler]The cuckooing of a clock is significant, especially if the clock shows a time other than 12:00. Use this time in conjunction with the pocket watch, the video screen, and the sound system.

The time on a pocket watch can be more easily changed with a hypnotic short-cut.

Pay attention to a sound made by a train, since it may hint at how to summon a waiter.

A small phone book from a drawer provides clues to figure out a 5-digit numerical code.

There is an enhancement tool for each of the five senses. These tools often provide hints and all are necessary for vital tasks. Some tools may need to be activated before becoming useful.

The sounds and gestures of animals are often hints, but the player may need to come back to observe again after learning how to understand the meaning of these animal communications.

Do dance steps in front of a large mirror to see visions. This is particularly useful in the later stages of the story, when learning how to time-travel.

Cut-scenes often provide hints.[/spoiler]

Also (for hints relating to animals) look at the streetlamp outside the front door and look at anything mentioned in that description.

Right now the spiderweb says “Website under construction.”

I went to check the computer but I still only have the options of turning off the spam filter or reading the e-mail.

In other news: I solved the periodic table/flower vase puzzle with the help of the tiny violinist and got the dog whistle. This led me to a cutscene in the Takamine store where Julie is convinced that I can help her father. I cannot yet open the wall safe though. I expect I will have to do some timetravelling first.

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