Final Girl (spoilers)

What endings has everybody found?

The significant ones I’ve found are:

  • Sleep in the policecar

  • Hide in the canoe

  • Take a bath

  • Lose the fight against the stalker

  • Get the car keys and drive away (accept Scott’s request to get the keys)

  • Get killed by the police (wear the overalls and mask, then defeat the stalker in combat)

  • Kill the stalker (easiest if you have the taser)

  • Police kills the stalker (accuse the stalker correctly)

Places where bodies are found:
Two to the west of the lake (Lover’s Leap and the well)
One on the island in the middle of the lake
Two to the east of the lake (Archery Grounds and Hunting Area)
Three in the cabin (one in the attic and two in the master bedroom)
(Seven suspects, one mannequin)

Has anybody figured out how to get the “Impossible” item (maybe correctly accuse the stalker without the pliers)? And does Steve ever show up? (With the elimination based ending, failure to account for Steve is a big plot hole. On one occasion, I found all the bodies and accused the remaining person, but it didn’t work for some reason. So for a while, I thought that you had to eliminate all eight suspects, and only then the heroine would consider Steve as a suspect.)

‘Impossible!’ isn’t a findable item. It’s Storynexus’s way of keeping players out of work in progress while advertising that it will at some point become accessible. I can’t help much with the other stuff, though – it sounds like you’ve explored the game more thoroughly than I did.

Bonuses for identifying bodies:

Chuck - can get taser
Vanessa - none?
Scott - can get nunchucks
Brooke - can get 3 inhalers
Marley - can get pills (cure terror?)
Pepper - can get knife
Grover - can get mask (badass + 2, stalky + 1)
Dewayne - can get wrench

Man, this thread is really confirming my suspicion that this game was not designed to be played in two hours.

Can it be completed with the actions you get given when you start?

StoryNexus is still so obnoxiously slow. Ugh.

I can’t believe it. The Javascript code of Storynexus is terrible. They’re making synchronous requests - no wonder it’s so unresponsive whenever you click something!

Almost certainly. Lots of things that you do refresh your actions.

Some hearsay:

  • It’s possible to get a good ending by taking a bath, under unknown circumstances.
  • There is a means of survival dependent on losing your virginity. This may or may not be connected with the bath. This might be worth exploring if you want to find out what’s going on with Steve.

Failbetter are planning to port Fallen London over to Storynexus. Storynexus development isn’t currently a priority for them, but I’m hopeful that this will be enough of an incentive for them to do something about the performance issues.

I mentioned that. If you chose to sleep with Steve, you can find his car keys afterwards. Once you get the keys, get back to the south area and get in the car. (It’s probably the fastest way to get a winning ending. Go all the way north (canoe is fastest), then get the key, go all the way south, get in the car.)

The “Lost Virginity” flag can be unequipped to get the 3 badass points back.

Did anyone find out what the significance of the “Sara Robertson” ID band is?

Yeah, that’s the name of the actress playing the final girl. If you wear the band, you become eligible for three cards in the forest describing botched takes. They let you catch your breath or reduce terror.

There are too many of these cards relative to the size of the deck. They can’t be discarded and are only useful at fairly substantial intervals. Hopefully, a post-comp release will address this. The best way would probably be to create a Circumstance quality controlling which card a player is eligible for, and reroll it whenever one is played.

Ah, thanks! I never encountered those cards. I think I unequipped the band shortly after I’d found it and then completely forgot about it somehow.

You get access to knives in the house if you unmask Vanessa. Does anyone know if there’s any ending related to wearing the skull mask and overalls?

Are you sure, Joey? IIRC, you get the knives from finding Pepper.

If you wear the skull mask and overalls, then defeat the stalker (easiest with the taser), there’s an ending where you are shot by the police and misidentified as the killer.

Ooh, maybe you’re right about the knives.

Okay, to the west of the lake if you search at the area with utility poles (sparse grove), you might get a pair of pliers. If you search at the school bus, you might find a history of skull lake.
To the east of the lake, at Open Meadow, you can find a baseball bat. At hanging sticks, you can find a hatchet.