Final Girl 2.0 intro

Hi Hanon (or anyone else who played this),

Is it possible to get the bulldozer started in that scene? That’s where I wound up ending and looping.

That said, I know this was a concept demo, and most of it seems really good and original to me. It’s still got the tone from the original game all those years ago.

I’m not sure about those long sentences split up over lots of buttons. They fit with the real-time frantic-ness, but also I just couldn’t tell if they were working or not, or if I hadn’t worked out what to do with them. I put all this down to this being an intro.

I guess the other element I was unsure about was of more sentences appearing in real-time at the bottom of a screen you may not even have read yet, but then again, since some of this was looping, this could reflect the fact it may take you multiple passes to read it. A lot of the mechanics are novel like this.


It is possible to get the bulldozer started. You first need to use the “important-looking” key. Then you need to stab the stalker in the eye with the ballpoint pen successfully (this opportunity happens on a timer when the Stalker attacks Bailey.) You’ll need to have acknowledged the pen in your pocket can serve as a weapon. Then mess with any controls (they really don’t matter) and the scene will continue.

I agree the text needs an overhaul and that would definitely be a thing to work on if I re-vamp this game.