Final Call: 1 Week Left for Intents to Enter IntroComp

Hi, everyone.

Your friendly neighborhood IntroComp Organizer here, with a quick reminder that there’s just one week left for IntroComp intents to enter.

Visit today!

  • Jacqueline

Just wondering; Do we need to ‘add a game’ or is it enough to simply signup as an author at this point?

Intent to enter is just a signup, you can withdraw later.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of Jacqueline, but the deadline was yesterday. There was something about an extended deadline of today, so people who forgot might still have a few hours.

Yes, I think she mentioned she had a time crunch she knew about well in advance. Deadline is midnight tonight. Not sure which time zone.

Jacq is processing the games as I write this, and they’ll be out later today.

They appear to be out now.

Best of luck, everyone.

Hi. I rarely visit the forum, which is why the rules ask that if you have any concerns to e-mail me directly. And yes, I was traveling (19.5 hours of busses, trains, plains, and automobiles!), which is why authors were given an extension.

Yes, the voting page (with download links) is now live. I will post a message about it momentarily. Thanks for replying to this thread for me, maga.