Final adv3Lite beta version now available

Version 0.92 of adv3Lite, the alternative TADS 3 library, is now available from

In addition to a number of bug-fixes, this version includes ten short sample games (as source files) illustrating possible answers to some of the exercises in Learning TADS 3 With adv3Lite and six new extensions providing optional extra functionality such as room parts, postures, fueled light sources, sensory emanations and events, viewports and the ability to define actions involving three objects (such as PUT COIN IN SLOT WITH TWEEZERS). There are also a number of feature enhancements in part stemming from work on the sample games and extensions. For a full list of changes see the change log.

At this point adv3Lite is switching from development mode to maintenance mode, which means that I have no plans for any further features or changes but that I shall, of course, continue to correct any bugs that come to light, and shall be happy to be consider any suggestions.

Provided this latest version of adv3Lite proves to be reasonably stable, it may well be the final beta version (so that the next release will be version 1.0). This may have to change should a number of problematic bugs come to light (so that it would be prudent to have a further bug-fixed beta version), but I hope this will not turn out to be the case.

Congratulations, and thanks for all the hard work! I wish I had time to try it out. (Of course, I’d need an idea for a game too…)

Well done Eric!