Filling out IFDB

Usually the authors coordinate filling out all the IFDB entries for the game, in the author’s forum, but with so many games in the competition it might be helpful to get help from non-authors too.

Usually it works best if everyone picks a chunk and adds that chunk to the game. I’m going to add my own game and then the next 10 games after that alphabetically. If you want to help, claim a chunk here and then add them to IFDB! (or just add to IFDB without claiming)

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I’ll help, but I’ve never done it before. Can you give me a rundown on the basic steps?


You go to ‘add game listing’ on the right hand side, and copy over the description, the title, and the author. The cover art is usually too large, so I use resizing websites to make it less than 256 kb. You can also leave it blank for the author to fill in later.

Release date is 01-Oct-2020, genre is usually given on IFComp (can leave blank if you want). That should be enough to get going. We can fill that out more as the comp progresses. Zape has already added quite a few!

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What’s your favorite resizing website?

I’ll claim the first dozen (when sorted alphabetically) and I’ll also add more as I play games and want to review them if they don’t already have a page.

I just search a random one each time (is that bad?). Zaps has done them up to H or so by now so it might be worth just picking some later ones and searching to see if they’ve been added yet before putting them in (some authors are doing their own!)


As of 10 PM Texas time it looks like there are already 87 games on IFDB under the IFComp 2020 tag so he’s been busy (thank you Zape!). I might just wait until I come across one that isn’t listed, or started a the end instead.


I am going to review parser based games and anything that has an educational, scientific or academic tag in the description.


one full pass which will still need to be done is IFIDs. for parser games those should be simple, and indicated somewhere in the download. for HTML games they should be somewhere at the top level of the <head>, or the content storage element in the <body>, e.g. <tw-storydata>.

it’s also probably relevant to note that anyone who makes an IFDB account now may need to wait days for their account to be fully validated by the administrator, before which they won’t be able to do any authoring or editing.


I’m adding missing IFIDs as I play through games.

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excellent, thanks so much! it’ll be especially useful when IFDB gets migrated to a new site.

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thanks for doing this! i’m new to IFComp, and i was planning to ask if i had to make up an ifdb listing for my game. it’s really nice of you all to take care of all our entries! thank you!


The games are now grouped into an IFComp 2020 tag on IFDB. Scrolling through, I notice many are missing cover art. Authors may wish to upload these at their discretion, and edit the entries in general for tags and other relevant information.

[edit] I created a competition list and added all the 2020 games, please correct if I goofed anything up.


Thanks for doing this, Hanon!