figures not displayed

Hey there,

got a jpeg-Image i´d like to display and put it appropriately in the figures-folder (in the material-folder).
my source-text to display the picture:

Figure of notebook is the file “notebook.jpeg”.

instead of examining the notebook:
display the Figure of notebook.

everything seems to be right and no error message appears. but still the desired image won’t show. instead “more…” appears in the right bottom corner of the story-frame and no further input is possible. what went wrong?
Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-10 um 20.40.01.png

Looks like you’re on a Mac and this is happening in the IDE? Does this only happen when you examine the notebook to get the image, or anytime your text runs out of space? Are you running the latest version of Inform 7?

If all this is fine, can you try implementing a different image and see if that one also freezes?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Correct! it´s a mac and it´s the latest version of Inform 6M62. And it also happened with other pictures and formats like png (size 350KB- 2,6MB). And its just freezing while trying to display something, never when just running out of space. i also tried it with previous versions of inform like 6G60. here it doesn’t freeze but doesn’t display the image ether.

I assume you’re making a Glulx project and not Z in settings (it should default to Glulx and you would have had to change it.)

If you delete the reference to call the picture, does it hang up in the same place?

When you go to the Results tab when your game starts, does it show any problems on the Report or Console tabs?

Here’s something to try from the documentation:

A 2.6 megabyte picture sounds rather large…is it possible it’s hanging up just in the IDE and might work if you publish the project and try it without the overhead of the IDE running? Perhaps try reducing the file size and see if that makes a difference?

As a last resort, you might want to save all your work and try re-installing Inform7.

Ok. I shrunk the size of the pictures to less than 30 KB and that finally worked!
Thanks again!!!