Figure name from Glulx Resource ID

Quick question - is there a less computationally expensive way to do this? Some of my projects have thousands of images.

To decide which figure-name is the image of (N - a number): repeat with F running through figure-names: if the Glulx Resource ID of F is N, decide on F.

There’s an internal table that lists resource IDs by figure name, but not the other way around.

Can you just work in figure names? They’re just enums (numbers) at the I6 level anyhow.

Hi thanks for the reply. I mainly work in figure names but I have found that declaring a huge hardcoded list of figure names (for example frame lists for animation tracks) in my larger projects causes compiler failure. So I work around this by creating a function that adds all the figure names to the list when play begins.

However I would prefer to be able to point to the first one and then tell the engine to add the next N glulx resource IDs to the set, in order. It would look less messy, be more modular, and easier to edit.