fighting extension?

I just played Treasure of A Slaver’s Kingdom and had the best time with it. In addition to its ridiculous humor, I particularly liked the fighting mechanic of it, which was similar to dice rolls, where the amount of damage you gave or took was a random number within a particular range based on the weapon/shield you carried or experience level.

Is there some extension that does this, or perhaps an extension that even does a better example of this?

I don’t know if there’s an extension which does something really similar; there certainly are fighting extensions around, such as ATTACK. The source code for ToaSK is available at IFDB, so you could look at that. It’s written in an older version of Inform 7 though, so some things would need adjusting.

(It’s over 4 years now since SJohn left the forum. Hard to believe it’s been so long.)

Graham Nelson’s The Reliques of Tolti Aph has fighting and dice-rolling. The source is available to study on the Inform 7 website.

The source code for Treasures of a Slaver’s Kingdom is also available: … TM3dE1Mamc

lol and here i thought developing a fighting mechanic would be easy. clearly i still have a lot to learn about I7.

Check out Inform ATTACK, by Victor Gijsbers. It is completely compatible with the latest I7 version. You can get it here.
Of course, if you want the absolute latest version, you can get it here.

Dammit, I didn’t realize Victor had released that to the general public. Here I was working my own take on ARMED. I feel silly now.

there’s no documentation on Inform ATTACK? or did i dl it wrong?

Take a look at the source text. I checked earlier and it seemed to be commented very well.

ah ok, yeah, that’s what i was trying to do, i just liked the way Eleas had his laid out for Basic Combat because it was very straightforward and clear-cut to me.

I swear at one point I had a big long PDF document that was the manual for Inform Attack - though that may have been an earlier version and not apply now.

I was halfway planning on scrapping the thing, but in light of the lack of documentation for ATTACK, perhaps Basic Combat would actually still be of use.

I know I would certainly appreciate its existence! :slight_smile: … eased.html

Here’s an older version that comes with the manual. I’m not sure how much has been changed since then, but you could just use the version in the zip, which should match the manual.