FEU DE JOIE Session 4 password hints? [SPOILERS]

All right, Feu de Joiers (no?), who’s figured out the password required at the end of Session 4? I assume that “hidden in Arras” means that the password is in one of the interceder sections (“This is our Arras.” - Session 1), which have the requisite “orange fog” look. I’ve hovered over all the hover-able spots and tried lots of distinctive words from those sections in each session, but I’m stumped. And I know it’s not one of the Inner Lands, but I tried all three anyway.

Anybody got a clue?

I’ve got a clue, but I didn’t get it myself. I went bawling straight to the author because I hate this sort of puzzle.

Small clue:

You’re on the right track. He gives you more hints than just Arras and Orange Fog - he tells you the direction in which to look… or more specifically, the orientation.


That was just the right amount of clue. Thank you, Peter.