Felicity's live-blogging style reviews

Now that judging is over, I can publicly publish my reviews. (They’re already in the Author forum.) I reviewed:

Help! I Can’t Find My Glasses

How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title

One Does Not Simply Fry

(One must, however, note that since reading this I’ve been gently obsessed with onion rings, and indeed ate some the other day and loved them so much I intend to continue eating them despite the risk to my digestive system. I’m intolerant, not allergic, so I can eat a little bit of onion.)

One Knight Stand

Lake Starlight

They’re all on my blog for those who don’t want to open multiple tabs.

And deeply, emphatically biased by my own preferences. I tried to be fair in my ratings, which is all any of us can do.