Fein's Deluge, an "open map" work of IF set in a wretched forest village

I’ve recently uploaded my first work of IF as “in development” to itch io, and am hoping to receive some feedback from the IF community (you) before I release it.

As per the synopsis on the itch io page:

Fein’s Deluge is a work of choice-based interactive fiction created in Twine 2 (SugarCube), inspired by the “open map” structure discussed in Sam Kabo Ashwell’s post “Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games.” Written in the second person, you divulge a vague, non-linear story by traversing a geographical space rendered in text — the village of Fein’s Deluge. You “roleplay” a rookie field officer of the Witching Inquirium, a fledgling, who has been assigned to Fein’s Deluge to discern the source of a surge of foul and prohibited magic.

I think that, as a community that actually knows what IF is, you may find the structure of Fein’s Deluge quite interesting and/or unique. It’s a choice-based work, yes, but it takes a lot of inspiration from parser IF, particularly in the way that you navigate it, spatially.

Here is the link to the Fein’s Deluge itch io page, where you can read/play it for free in your browser:


Please note that it doesn’t work on iOS mobile devices at the moment, due to some form of scrolling issues, but it will work on Android devices.

I haven’t been active on the IFCF until now, and I’m hoping this will be the jump start I need.

Thank you kindly, and I’ll leave you with the beautiful cover art of Fein’s Deluge, which a good friend painted for me; it’s original content, of course, and, like the rest of the work, a work in progress.