Feedback on potential Twine wiki changes

This post is more-or-less on behalf of the IFTF Twine committee, of which I serve as chair.

One thing the committee would like to take a look at in 2020 is evaluating replacements for the official Twine wiki. It overall does not see much activity, and I at least do not think it has really lived up to its potential. The question is not whether or not to get rid of it, but if it should be changed or replaced with something else. What that something else is or could be is up in the air right now, and so we’d like to hear from the Twine community about potential ideas.

I’d like to provide some history as context, since I created the wiki. I chose Dokuwiki as a platform because I had had a good experience with it in other contexts. I considered transitioning to MediaWiki a year or two ago, but found that the transition wouldn’t be terribly easy, and I thought the problems with the wiki weren’t really technical in nature.

In the early days of the wiki, I tried reaching out to a number of folks who had posted Twine tutorials to individual web sites to ask if they would mind moving their content to the wiki, but I didn’t find many takers. To be fair, it’s a fairly thankless task to copy/paste content and deal with formatting issues. Instead, the wiki mainly accumulated spam despite me trying a couple different tactics, hence why user registration is so restricted. (The weirdest spam, by far, was that someone extremely briefly used it to host images for a restaurant in Vietnam.)

I do want to thank Leon Arnott, who made a heroic effort to automate copying Harlowe documentation to the wiki. I do not know for sure, but I would guess that despite this, most people looking up Harlowe docs do so on the official site.

As things progress, I’ll try my best to keep the community aware of what the wiki changes, if any, will be.

Dokuwiki is fine as a wiki engine. It has good ACL capabilities and fast plugins. You don’t need Mediawiki unless you plan to style the wiki with custom templates and modules.

IFWiki has ~30 edits in a month except during IFComp. I think IFDB is close to that in new listings, so the community isn’t very active in crowdwriting.

I’d merge the Cookbook into Twine wiki because it could fit as a sub-project.

For what it’s worth, I usually look up Harlowe stuff on the twine wiki because it displays on my phone better than the official docs. But I usually don’t use Harlowe, and that may be part of the problem. Since a large portion of people use sugarcube, you wouldn’t receive any of that traffic from those users.

From what I can tell, the current wiki engine is fine. It could probably use some more content, as you say. Maybe some cookbook stuff that includes sugarcube too? I don’t know.