Feedback/Ideas: Ozymandias

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, so I hope this is the right place for this. I made a “game” based on the Ozymandias poem. As of now, it’s just a desert with a few items of note in it. I want to expand upon this world and add more stuff to it, straying away from the original poem, but I can’t think of any ideas. Let me know if you’re interested.



This is a FANTASTIC IDEA for a game. I’m an absolute sucker for games based on poems, and this is a great one.

Just FYI, you posted this at the beginning of IFComp, so everybody’s going to be very busy playing IFComp games this month. If you don’t get many takers now, try posting again in mid-November. I for one will be thrilled to look at it after I’ve had my fill of comp games.

Oh, and welcome!


Thanks for your quick reply! I didn’t know that IFComp was a thing—I’ll go check out some of those games too. And thanks for your advice; I’ll repost if needed.


(hey, you may want to remove that URL for privacy reasons (even if it’s your computer’s URL))

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to this :eye:


Thanks. It’s gone now. Would have uploaded an attachment but I can’t since I’m a new user. I’ll add the link later.