I need help in fixing the below fatal error message.

Fatal error: The memory setting MAX_STATIC_DATA (which is 180000 at present) has been exceeded.

I have tried $MAX_STATIC_DATA=250000 on the command line in opening Inform7 from the run command.

Give the same error.

How can I fix this.

I’m unfamiliar with using command line with Inform, but you can set these limits in your source.

Try adding this line to your source:

Use MAX_STATIC_DATA of 360000.

I just doubled the value of the limit you broke.


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Thanks, seems like it is working.

Can I increase that number when I ran into the wall again?

Yes you can. You can increase it in advance, if you want to!

My personal approach is just to double the current ceiling on any parameter each time I hit it. That way I don’t have to update too often for it to be annoying, but I’m not claiming too much ‘space’ I don’t need to.



Just so you know, this limit (and all similar limits) have been removed in Inform 10.1. The “Use MAX_STATIC_DATA…” line is now ignored and harmless.

If you’re still using 9.3 (6M62), you can download the Inform 10.1 package and set your project to “6M62” in the settings. It will still compile using the 6M62 version of the language, but MAX_STATIC_DATA limits will be removed (because they’re part of the I6 compiler stage).

If you’ve got a command-line setup, you should be able to just replace the I6 binary with a current version (6.36 or later) and get the same benefit.


Thanks - downloaded new version and set language as my project runs on 6M62.

Looks like everything is working.