Far Out Science

So I was trying to get the Adv3Lite documentation onto my phone, because the number of times I am faced with a question and don’t have docs on hand is really high.

All my attempts failed, because apparently Android has really locked down the ability to view old webpages from local storage.

So I looked online to see if maybe anybody was hosting it.

And I found a site.

The docs were hosted from a host named “faroutscience”. I thought this was kinda odd. Why would a science website be hosting the documentation for a niche IF coding language? I thought maybe a system administrator somewhere decided they had an opportunity and hosted it for their own uses, and just never told their boss.

So I decided to go to the top level of the site, and see what the homepage had to say.

Paging @fos1: I believe I have figured out that your username is actually an acronym, lol. Thank you for hosting the docs!


All this time, I honestly thought it stood for “free and open source”!


Thanks for the finding, Joey !

added it to the IF section of bookmarks.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

EDIT: also added HanonO’s site from the links in fos’s site…


Thank you for noticing my website. It started out in 2000 or so. I had the opportunity to teach a science elective in a secondary school. I developed the website for that course and included info for my regular science classes as well. I showcased a lot of work that my students developed. It was one of the earliest teacher websites. I retired from teaching in 2012. The site has since become a reference for me.

The IF docs are for easy access. When I travel, I can access them via html and use the reader mode on my ipad for reference.

PS. I have many hobbies represented. :wink: