FantasyDown - New Engine for Discord

FantasyDown is a discord bot that allows content creators to data up games in google sheets and live-reload. Currently it is singleplayer and free2play only. It was inspired by storynexus and similar platforms.

Right now, it is closed source, and I’m the only one capable of running the bot- but I’m also willing to host substantial games for free.

An in depth guide with examples can be found here.

While the bot should be fully functional as is, I will continue to add features depending on what I and anyone else who’s interested needs.

Users need a discord account to play, but no special sign in or linking is required.

I would appreciate content creators and feedback- I know it’s a bit rough at the moment, but I’m hoping to patch it up some over the next week or so.

Features include:

  1. User information stored with their discord account, no need to manage signups.
  2. Collaborate with other creators on a single google sheet and live reload the game when ready.
  3. Energy system to regulate content, providing a more balanced social experience.
  4. Node based story system with qualities.
  5. Full postgresql commands if needed. (You shouldn’t have to use them much, but they can be used to empower your game).
  6. A developer willing to create features according to your (reasonable) needs :slight_smile:
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I’ve updated the document with a new, higher level narrative language. This language compiles into the old one, which I’m now calling FantasyCSV.

This new language I’m calling Fantasize.

Fantasize consists of larger nodes than FantasyCSV. Each node has a title wherein it is referenced, and a series of commands like “PRINT:” or “MODIFY:”, or even “CHOOSE:”.

an example file would be.

't_exampledownloaded','d','The Mysterious Example','n_t_exampledownloaded_start'

title: start


MODIFY: gold +20

PRINT: You've started the downloaded example! I've given you +20 [Gold Pieces]!

CHOOSE: [gold NOT BETWEEN 0 0] [You have gold so you can see this option! Select it to restart this!] [start]|[gold BETWEEN 30 50] [You can only see this option if you have 30 to 50 gold! Select it to continue] [second third]


title: second


PRINT: SECOND! We'll take you to the next node via a hidden detour!


title: third


PRINT: THIRD! Now we'll exit everything!


I hope this makes the engine much more accessible, and I’ll be working on improving output and user flow next.

Looks interesting. But out of interest, why does it need Discord? I’m assuming the game logic is part of your server-side bot system, so therefore is Discord just the UI?

I ask this because i generally get a bad experience with Discord, feeling they are another “free” platform that, once invested, holds people to ransom for personal data.

If just the UI, you could, in theory, have your own front-end on the same bot server.

Just wondering.

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You’re right in that it can be decoupled from discord. Discord serves two purposes right now- ui and an account system.
I don’t really have the knowledge to build my own frontend- I’m more of a backend person.
Discord also has the benefit of automatically making the game a social experience.