Fancy Ending Screens

Is there away to make change the way ending screen look like.
like say if player dies

*** You fell to your death ***
*** GAME OVER ***

Thank EVERYONE, you are the best!


Have a look at 9.4 in the documentation, “When play ends”. It tells you how to change the message(s).



Thank you. Sorry I’m new to this.


We all started out new to this. :grinning: This is a friendly crowd and we don’t criticize people for asking questions. If someone says you should check out a particular bit of the docs 'cause it’ll answer your question, I assure you that what they really mean is “you should check out this particular bit of the docs 'cause it’ll answer your question” and not “you should already have known exactly where to go in the half a million words of documentation to find that”.

Inform’s big and sprawling and it’s not easy to familiarize yourself with all the parts. So ask away!


It really is not always easy to find the information in the documentation! I think it’s improved with the my update, but there are so many sections and it’s hard as a beginner to know which bits you need to read and which bits you can safely (and probably should) leave until later.

I’ve spent many an afternoon that was meant to be writing a story instead searching through the documentation for the exact example or phrase that I half remember solves whatever problem I’m encountering. So actually a response that is “see this chapter” I find incredibly useful.


If it helps, I had exactly the same experience writing my first Inform 5 game in 1995. I think I read the Inform 5 manual cover-to-cover three times in the first three days.


You should see (and can see, if you want to search for them) all the threads I’ve made here about my struggles with Inform. Many threads, all with newbie issues. And yet not one time has anybody lost their patience with me. And every time, I’ve had solid help ASAP and fixed the problem. You’ll have the same experience. Make an effort to look in the documentation and get familiar with it, but everybody’s right that the documentation can be a trial and is organized weirdly, so rather than spend hours chasing one thing in the byzantine halls of the docs, it’s often better to ask someone to point you in the right direction.


And I’ve been using Inform for ages and made a bunch of extensions of my own, and I still end up asking here when I get stuck on something. That’s in no small part what this forum’s for!


Yeah, I’d add, I have developed a lot of steps I work through before consulting the forum and I don’t want to do it too much. But it I don’t do it at all, I realize I might not be pushing myself to learn enough new stuff! So there’s a balance there.

Plus this isn’t like, say, Python where we can just google and get a StackOverflow result with 1000 upvotes and immediately say “Whew, tons of other people had the same question I did, and I don’t have to worry about something I should’ve seen.”

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I’m not sure which version of the documentation you’re using, but I have a strong preference for @Zed 's online version. The ability to control-F the entire doc (just click “search”) is a lifesaver.

Inform 7 v10 documentation

I’ve had a lot of fun learning Inform 7, and I hope you do, too.


I keep in my machine zed’s documentation… (generally I kept an offline copy of the most important programming docs)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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