Fallen London 10th Anniversary & Memories of FL Competition

Per the blog post:

The Ambitions will conclude over the coming weeks, with each receiving their final instalment in three parts…We are already busy on new stories, systems and advancements to ensure that completing your character’s Ambition won’t be the end of your game.

Memories of Fallen London Competition

Ten years is a long time, and we’ve seen you get up to all sorts of inventive and unexpected things across the decade – but there’s plenty we must have missed! Share your memories of the Neath for the chance to win an exclusive prize.

Submit your memories in any format you like (written, drawn, baked, crafted, photographed – as you please!) and our favourites in each of the following categories will win a [REDACTED] Companion for their Fallen London character!

  • Worst Idea of the Decade: What’s the foolhardiest thing your character has ever done?
  • Most Characterful Affectation: What’s unusual about your character and their lifestyle?
  • Best Headcanon of the Decade: What’s clearly true, according to you?
  • Co-Operative Play of the Decade: What has another player done for you that’s made your day? (Both of you will receive a [REDACTED] Companion if you win.)
  • Real Life Memory of the Decade: How has the Neath had an effect on your Surface life?

See Failbetter Games blog post for more information and how to enter the contest.