Fair Postmortem

My Fair postmortem is long and spoilery; you may read it on my blog at http://pyramidifblog.blogspot.com/2016/12/fair-postmortem.html

I’m happy to answer any questions or discuss elements in more detail. Please do not hesitate to post comments and questions here or on the blog.

Thanks for writing that up! It was really interesting to read. A couple of people pointed out the time machine and it was a big surprise to me, since I never realized it was in there.

One of my weird quirks is I often write lots and lots of cycling descriptions for things in hopes people who examine the same thing over and over will be rewarded. I’m not sure that matches standard player behavior though!

I did the same a while ago, but now I try not to indulge in that temptation any more. While it might look neat on paper, it encourages repeating actions, so the implication for the player is to run around doing things over and over and over, expecting to see some change/progress.