Failbetter is hiring a senior writer/narrative designer

Looks like Failbetter/Fallen London is hiring a senior position:

We’re looking for an experienced writer and narrative designer to join our award-winning in-house writing team. Duties of this role include:

  • Pitching story arcs and contributing to content planning
  • Writing a much wider range of content than the typical game franchise allows
  • Designing mechanics that support story, themes, and the desired play experience
  • Implementing stories using ink and our in-house tools
  • Reviewing work by other writers
  • Providing visual briefs for artists

Requirements (and Non-Essential Extras)

You don’t need a particular degree, or an arbitrary number of years’ experience or shipped titles to work for us. As long as you’re able to do the job well and can demonstrate that in your application, we’d love to hear from you.

Any of the following would be helpful, but they’re very much secondary and not required for you to apply:

  • Pre-existing familiarity with Fallen London
  • Comfort with game genres where the player reads a fair amount of on-screen text
  • Experience writing for interactive forms that go beyond branching narrative
  • Experience leading a team and managing staff

If you have a life experience or perspective that is not typically represented in video games, please feel free to tell us about that in your application as well.